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Random excerpts from Dorothy Day's diary:

There is a Russian saying that if a man plants 3 trees in his life he will never go to hell.

My love of peace and quiet inclines me always to want to do nothing.

I have his same faults so we are very good for each other. I criticize, I justify myself, etc. My particular examen every day is on holy silence. Only solution is to see every man as better than oneself.

Man's love for God can be measured by his love for the one he loves least.

One of the troubles with love is that it gets buried in the debris of life,

9 o'clock Mass and a man there so foul in smell that the congregation had to stay on one side of the church.

The reality of scheming, planning, wondering, planning, uncertainty as to what to do. The lot of most people. It occupies so much of one's thoughts, one can well see how people can think these days so little of God.

All faults, however petty, can be traced to capital sins.

There is a Russian saying, “For every sin of another which we conceal, three of our own are forgiven.”