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You'd have to be a full-on idiot to accept any of this. I'm sure it's kinda fun, to sit around and figure out what you are, kinda like the way people analyze their personality traits, but geesh, to endow this stuff with more credibility than a parlor game?

The following are just a few of the ever-expanding list of genders, now in the hundreds, all taken directly from Tumblr:

Alexigender ”“ Gender identity that is fluid between more than one gender, but the individual cannot tell what those genders are.

Ambigender ”“ A feeling of two genders simultaneously, but without fluidity/shifting. May be used synonymously in some cases with bigender.

Anxiegender ”“ A gender affected by anxiety.

Cadensgender ”“ A gender that is easily influenced by music.

Cassflux ”“ When your level of indifference towards your gender fluctuates.

Daimogender ”“ A gender closely related to demons and the supernatural. Expecgender ”“ A gender that changes depending on who you are around.

Faegender ”“ A gender that changes with the seasons, equinoxes and moon phases.

Fissgender ”“ A gender experience that is in some way split, similar to bigender or demigenders.

Genderale ”“ A gender that is hard to describe. Mainly associated with plants, herbs and liquids.

Kingender ”“ A gender somehow related to being otherkin. Levigender ”“ A lightweight, superficial gender you don't feel very much.

Necrogender ”“ A gender that used to exist but is now 'dead' or nonexistent.

Omnigay ”“ Genderfluid, with one's attraction to other genders changing with one's gender, so that the individual is always attracted to the same gender.

Perigender ”“ Identifying with a gender, but not as that gender.

Polygenderflux ”“ Having more than one gender, which intensity fluctuates.

Technogender ”“ Only comfortable with one's gender when using technology/online, usually because of social anxiety (specialized for people with anxiety disorders).

Xoy ”“ Someone who identifies in some way as a nonbinary boy or nonbinary boy-adjacent.

Xirl ”“ Someone who identifies in some way as a nonbinary girl or nonbinary girl-adjacent.

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