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Stalinists and Satanists

We read recently that Moscow has over 30 Satanist sects and about 2,000 Satanists. LINK. While reading the article, we kept thinking it said "Stalinists." It wouldn't make much a difference, both being evil, but it makes a legal difference in Moscow. Satanist sects are unlawful, whereas Stalinist sects presumably aren't. America is more ecumenical, granting both legal standing and even subsidizing Stalinists through its universities.

Aside: If you're curious about the ridiculousness of Satanism, Eric Scheske wrote the following in one of his regular Wednesday columns at Catholic Exchange:

"The Church of Satan justifies its odd beliefs on the basis that conventional thinking about the Devil is wrong. It's a fundamental tenet of their belief. It is also absurd or, to quote Jeffrey Burton Russell, author of a four-volume history on the Devil, 'inherently meaningless':

'[Their claim] asserts that everything humans know about the concept of Satan is in opposition to the absolute, objective reality of Satan. It ignores the fact that we have no way of knowing the absolute reality of Satan, whatever it might be. The only thing that we can know about Satan is the human concept of Satan. The idea that the Devil is good, not evil, has further dimensions of irrationality, because the human concept of Satan was developed . . . precisely for the purpose of personifying radical evil. Satan is by definition evil. The claim that the evidence in favor of the good Devil has been destroyed, leaving only the evidence of his "detractors," is equally silly. . . [E]ven the possibility of such "evidence" does not exist, because it would contradict the very definition of the subject.'"