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Electronically Perverse, Yet Modest

From News of the Weird:

"Vivienne, an interactive companion accessible on powerful, 'third-generation' cellphones, was recently introduced by the Hong Kong company Artificial Life as a high-maintenance, video-image 'girlfriend' who goes on dates with you, kisses, speaks six languages, converses on 35,000 topics, accepts flowers and diamonds, and may even marry you (though you also acquire a troublesome mother-in-law). Vivienne so far is prudish (no nudity, no sex), owing to Artificial Life's aim at marketing in modest cultures, but she will appear in Europe and some U.S. cities by the end of this year (at about $6 a month plus airtime). Said one Hong Kong video game player, characterizing Vivienne for the New York Times, 'It's a little bit for the losers.'"

If this thing catches on, we give it nine days before Vivienne makes it to electronic third base.