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The Democrats created the Mexican immigration problem with their 1965 Immigration Act and by revoking (greatly restricting) the work visa program in the 1990s to make the unions happy, and now they won't give relief to the Dreamers because they don't want Trump to get his wall. Absolutely no shame. Unbelievable. * * * * * * * And don't say "They resist the wall because it's too expensive." Please. The left has never, ever cared two cents about costs, whether it's the New Deal, LBJ's guns and butter, or Obamacare. No cost is too much. * * * * * * *

From Reddit's Today I Learned: "TIL a man was fined $48,000 by the FCC for using a cell phone jammer everyday on his commute, because he didn't like motorists around him on their phones." Link. That was kind of a jerk thing to do, but one I sympathize with. * * * * * * * If I were in charge, I could've sleuthed out the Nikolas Cruz threat way ahead of the catastrophe. I would've looked at him for half a second and said, "Yup, this guy is whacked in the head." I mean, just look at him. * * * * * * * It's not often I see a Ry Cooder tribute. * * * * * * * 11 strange habits of these eleven geniuses. Tesla would "curl his toes 100 times per foot every evening before going to bed because he thought the practice boosted his brain cells." * * * * * * * Curious about the Jordan Peterson phenom? Here's a primer. He's highly recommended.