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Just in time for the Winter Olympics: North Korea appears to claim it has invented wheat beer: "According to state newspaper Rodong Sinmun, the country's Taedonggang brewery claims its new approach using wheat instead of barley "is better than existing beers in terms of its taste and smell", and has "already gained positive reviews from North Korean citizens." Link. No word on weather it dopes its beer and then lies about it and then whines when they get caught and (kinda) kicked out of the olympics.

I do love wheat beer, though. Related news flash: I'm getting ready to wade back into the beer waters. Since going vegan, my gluten intolerance appears to have

disappeared . . . or at least lessened. I'm going to start drinking beer again and see how it goes. Unfortunately, right now my taste buds still far prefer gin, so I'm staying on my gin kick. Last weekend, I had two gluten-free beers and two of my sons commented that was great to see me with a beer again. They grew up, seeing me drink nothing but beer. I hadn't realized my gin drinking had robbed them of a childhood staple memory. I'll try to rekindle those memories this coming year.

Fruit beers are on the rise. I'd heard of craft brewers doing it, to popular acclaim, but now the big boys are getting into it: "A study last year found that people in their 20s are increasingly turning down beer and reaching for wine and spirits, instead. But MillerCoors new Two Hats light beer is hoping to hook the younger generation with something cheap and fun." Link. The first flavors: pineapple and lime.