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High school musical weekend. Daughter Meg (#5) is Jane Banks in Mary Poppins. Meg and the rest of the cast killed it last night, kinda blew me away. * * * * * * * Part of the reason, I suppose: I went in with low expectations. The city Auditorium where they hold it is situated a few hundred yards from my office, so during production week, I bop in after work for a few minutes. My timing was poor this year, so I only caught an actual rehearsal once (the other times, the kids were getting instructions, taking a break, etc.). It was the Tuesday rehearsal . . and it was bad. I was really concerned that it

was going to be train wreck, so when the kids nailed it last night, I was more excited than that time in 1998 when I thought Elvis had been found alive. * * * * * * * BTW: If you've never seen Saving Mr. Banks, I highly recommend it, especially if you like Mary Poppins. The Mary Poppins stage musical makes Saving an even more compelling movie. * * * * * * * The Dow fell 600 points yesterday. Collapse nearing? Heck if I or anybody knows. This crazy, unprecedented economy. * * * * * * * Planting season nears. Lettuce plugs get started later this month. That part of the economy, I understand.* * * * * * * A loyal TDE reader wrote to me yesterday about my Transfiguration blurb. She thinks Moses and Elijah were being taught by Jesus. When we get to heaven, we won't know everything, so we spend eternity learning. That sounds like a pretty good theory. It would, however, suppose that we aren't perfect in heaven. Heaven itself is perfect, but we are still ignorant of many things, hence we still have the joy of learning ahead of us. But if heaven is filled with ignoramuses, is it perfect? Needless to say, none of us can know the answer to any of these things. The bottom line is, heaven transcends space and time, the two things within which all our perspective is framed, so we can't even imagine it.