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Brews You Can Use

Marie surprised me with the 2018 "Drinking with the Monks" calendar. Man, what a disappointment. I was expecting a a cool picture on top of each month and some sort of drinking material on each of the dates. The top of each month is fine. In fact, the pictures are great and the quotes are arguably even better ("One barrel of wine can work more miracles than a church full of saints" Italian Proverb), but the calendar itself just lists the various feast days . . . nothing liquor-centric at all. Not a bad product, but certainly not what I expected. I probably just totally misinterpreted the product description.

I'm passing this along this link solely because, with a name like this, it deserves a plug: Patron Saints Brewery in Toledo.

Speaking of Toledo, if you were a M*A*S*H fan, you no doubt remember Klinger reminiscing about Tony Packo's. It's a real

place, and my in-laws tell me it's great. I need to get there some day. I doubt its world famous hot dog meshes well with my vegan diet, but I guess I can make an exception.

I can believe this: "Off Broadway show proves Shakespeare is better when the audience”“and the actors”“are drunk." Link. I mean, other than Mass and undertaking complex intellectual tasks, aren't all things better when drunk? The link, incidentally, doesn't appear to link to anything, except Modern Drunkard Magazine . . . which posted the headline in the first place at its Facebook site. I'm guessing they're referring to The Drunk Shakespeare Society, which was reviewed in this 2016 NYT piece: "[T]he gimmick here is that at each performance, one actor begins by consuming enough shots to trip even the best-trained tongue."