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More Easter

"If it had ended [at the cross], however, the world may have been impressed by Jesus's goodness, but that's it. Someone who is good is not automatically worthy of one's faith or hope. The Resurrection, the real conclusion of Christ's sacrifice, adds a crucial characteristic to His incomparable goodness: incomparable power. As He had explained long before, 'I have the power to lay My life down and to take it back up again' (Jn 10:18). The Resurrection, as mysterious as it is, is Christ's identity card. If He had not risen from the dead, as the Old Covenant had predicted the Savior would, He would not be a true Savior, because He would be weaker than the powers of darkness, which had introduced evil, suffering, and death into the world.

"Since He did rise from the dead, He shows that the powers of darkness have no power over Him. They gave it their very best shot, but His love is stronger. 'Many waters cannot quench charity' (Song 8:7). That kind of love, that unconquerably strong love, that's the kind of love you can build (or rebuild) a life around. . . Some critics try to make light of Christ's sacrifice. They say the Romans killed four thousand Jews that year, and one more was no big deal. But from the Christian perspective it was the ultimate big deal. Countless people were crucified, only one ever got back up again. Only one person ever came back to life and walked away. That does indeed make a big difference."
Fr. John Bartunek, LC