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Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. Trastevere

Well, I made a big decision. I'm going to attend a Cursillo retreat in February. I have attended three Catholic retreats in my life, and all were a colossal waste of time. Two of them were so bad, I was (no joke) embarrassed to be there. After the third strike, I swore off retreats for good, but a fool never learns, so I am, ten years after my last retreat, going to give it another time. Everything seems propitious: No family function conflicts, it's in February, it's during Lent, and it's being held at a local retreat center that graciously hosts my individual poustinia retreat every year during Lent. I'm going to do the Cursillo instead of the poustinia.

Ceiling. Trastevere

I wonder if the people who want Trump to apologize for his "racist" s***hole comment would acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, a country where many people still defecate outdoors deserves the moniker. Here's a map of the places with lots of holes filled with excrement.

Ceiling. Trastevere

For some reason, no topics particular interest me today, so I'll wrap up with just a few random things: The government shut-down wasn't a shut-down. Did anyone notice? * * * * * * * Netflix shares have exploded to all time highs. When the company crashed a few years

ago, I thought about buying some shares. I gotta (gotta, gotta) start trusting my gut more. But of course, when I remind myself about how I passed on Bitcoin at a dollar a coin and Netflix, I'll tell myself, "You're tricking yourself with hindsight bias." * * * * * * * There was a rare Nassim Taleb sighting yesterday. When I saw he had written a new article, I figured I would blog about it this morning, but it wasn't very good. In fact, it was bad, just regurgitating the main points of his last book. * * * * * * The Patriots opened as 5.5 point favorites yesterday. I guess I'm not surprised, but man, after that beat-down that Philly gave Minnesota? Man, I'm tempted to take the points. * * * * * * * Shocker: Those California creepy parents were perverts. I gotta believe sexual perversion underlies and/or accompanies 90% of heinous crimes, yet we still protect pornography. * * * * * * * I bought the late Gene Logsdon's The Contrary Farmer earlier this month. I'm only about 10% of the way through it, but so far, I give it a "6.5," with hopes/expectations that it will climb to 7.5. I find it curiously inspiring, making me think that maybe, just maybe, I can launch my newest flower operation successfully without turning homosexual. We'll see. * * * * * * * Don't forget to visit the MAXimum Greens store for your gardening needs. If you plan on buying any flower or vegetable seeds and you don't see them at the site, merely shoot me an email. I can sell pretty much any seed you need. The prices are competitive with any major seed provider. All non-GMO all the time. * * * * * * * The gardening cloches you'll see at the site are really cool. I can't say they're high quality, but they're good quality . . . and you get ten of them. It's one of the few things I sell that beat comparable products at Amazon on price. If you want to order a set, email me and I'll send you a free shipping discount code.