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Brews You Can Use

For the first time this year, I feel normal. I still had low energy and virtually no motivation this week, but yesterday, I noticed that I seemed to have my wind back. Heck, I almost felt good.

So I'll celebrate. My hometown is having a Winter Blues Festival this evening, so I think I'll fortify myself against the cold, put on warm clothes, and head on down. I'll plan on stops at the two downtown bars, plus a stop at my law office where I keep a stash of gin for those after-hour work sessions.

Other than that, I don't have much drinking banter. When I have no script, I go over to my old standby, Modern Drunkard Magazine, and see what they have. This time, however, the Google Machine directed me to MDM's Facebook page, so I checked it out.

It has a lot of good stuff posted under the slogan "The Brutal Hammer of Truth." I'm not sure what it means, but based on what I saw, I think it means, "Here's a drinking article, but here's what it's really about: [insert sarcastic headline]." But then again, some of the headlines simply reference what the linked article is about. Hard to say.

Samples: This pretentious article about drinking gin is introduced by MDM as "How to drink gin like a smug hipster." This article about the new Jane Walker scotch is introduced by "Eager for a PR Disaster."

But then there are just "straight" headlines, like these:

Anyway, if you like drinking news, I don't think their FB site can be beat. Lots of interesting stories, with funny headlines. Highly recommended.