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Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. Trastevere

The Little Flower Company is Facebook official. Therese seems excited to get started. We're working through a flower business book, but I'm open to suggestions. If anyone knows anything about growing quantities of cut flowers and wouldn't mind answering questions via email, please email me! I'd really appreciate it.

Our current proposed roster of flowers: Benary's Giant Zinnia, Celosia, Sunrich Orange Summer Sunflower, Gomphrena, Cosmos, Dark Blue Larkspur, Misty Lavender Larkspur, Hot Biscuits Amaranthus.

Mark Steyn on s***holes and

other matters. The phrase "soft totalitarianism" should become embedded in the national psyche: "The soft totalitarianism of our time . . . requires that ever more should go unsaid other than the self-flattering sentimentalism of the Official Lie. When you discuss immigration, you're supposed to say, "Well, my Guatemalan pool-boy is the hardest-working fellow I know" - or start yakking about your Moldovan grandfather. That's it, that's all. The notion that it's public policy, not a heartwarming Hallmark Channel movie of the week, and that those public-policy needs might have changed since the days of Tsarist pogroms, must never be allowed to take hold." Link.