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Brews You Can Use

This has been a long time in coming: "A bill that would end Indiana's prohibition-era ban on carryout Sunday alcohol sales was overwhelmingly approved by a key state Senate committee." Link. I grew up on the Indiana border, went to school at Notre Dame, and live on the border. This law is a hardship when you forget to prepare for it.

The Prohibition-era law also illustrates something I've heard a few times: Indiana is the most southern of the northern states: strong Klan presence, good old boy networks, Billy Sunday-type views toward drinking. In Elkhart County, which is close to me, the good ol' boys network and corresponding corruption is supposedly very strong. I've seen some of it first hand.

Of course, Elkhart County also boasts a large Amish population, which I suppose is a good ol' boys network on steroids of sorts, but the Amish don't have any corruption (which can only exist in government (all other associations are voluntary) and the Amish loathe government). Despite their distaste for government, the Amish don't mind a little Blue law. Local Shipshewana, which is an Amish paradise of sorts, has a local ordinance that prohibits the sale of alcohol every day of the week.