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Planned Viciousness

Dawn Eden continues her fine broadsides into that travesty known as Planned Parenthood. This time, taking apart their claim to religion by setting up clinics in churches. LINK. A few excerpts:

“On Good Friday, Planned Parenthood's Web site touted an inspirational message for its supporters: "Takin' It to the Church!" It's illustrated by . . . a cross-less church dwarfed by huge morning-after pills.”

"In true Margaret Sanger eugenics style, Planned Parenthood's church-based clinics are targeted where they can best prevent minorities and the poorest of the poor from reproducing–in this case, illegal immigrants and migrant workers.”

“The placement of the clinics and the choice of venue hearkens back to the Negro Project, Sanger's first full-scale effort to prevent minorities from polluting her dream of a "race of thoroughbreds.'"