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Brews You Can Use

I'm drinking tonight, so I want to feel good about myself. I am, accordingly, using this BYCU to plug the rosary bracelets you can find here. No, I'm not going hogue (rogue homosexual). I'm promoting the site today because the artist is a friend of mine (a Theology on Tap attendee), and my BYCU column is the most-read of the week. I'm also promoting the site because the bracelets are stunning. Marie has one, and I was honestly impressed. Each bracelet is customizable by choice of bead(s), cross, and medal. If you order by December 17th, she will have it to you by Christmas. The link above provides you with a $10 discount. Even if you don't want to buy one, please at least check out the site and forward the link to a friend or family member. Thanks!

Stay away from Oslo, Norway! Yeah, it's really secular and leftist, but it's worse than you think: It's the most expensive city in the world to grab a beer at the bar. $9.90. Contrast with Prague, where you can buy the equivalent beer for just $1.30. Heck, at that price, you could defenestrate yourself in honor of that famous event back in 1618 (its 400-year anniversary is coming up in May). A list of major cities and their beer prices can be found here.

Georgia on my mind: Wine From Prehistoric Georgia With an 8,000-Year-Old Vintage. Oh wait, wrong Georgia, not Ray Charles. This is Caucasus Mountain Georgia, near Russia. And the stuff isn't drinkable. It's just residue from some old jars.

From the "Another Hole in My Drinking Knowledge, Episode 100,464": Choctaw Beer. "Choctaw beer is not a brand, but rather a term for a distinct tradition of illegal, self-manufactured beer, just as moonshine or white lightning are terms for a distinct tradition of illegal, self-manufactured corn liquor. Aside from white lightning, Choctaw beer was the most iconic–and roughest–alcoholic beverage of the old West. As an Oklahoma newspaper remarked in 1906: 'A few swigs of the stuff will make an ordinary cottontail rabbit spit in the face of a bulldog.'"

Alright, we need to stop those Hollywood fires NOW! They're attacking holy sites: "Fires also and surrounded Johnny Cash's former home in Casitas Springs; it's not yet known if it was destroyed. What's next? The Elvis birthplace in Tupelo?