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Tonight's Handout:

William of Occam (Early 1300s): All is the way it is because God says so. Common sense be damned b/c it detracts from God's glory. Does God ordain something because it's good for humans? Or is something good because God ordains it?

The Black Death
Plague. 1350ish. Rising wages; followed by falling wages. Less money for beer; mad peasants.

Bestow grace that leads to inner sanctification? Or is inner sanctification not possible?

Does the Catholic Church have the authority to loose and bind or doesn't it? John 20:23; Matthew 16:19; II Corinthians Chp. 5.

District 12 in Panem
How many Germans viewed Germany vis-Ã -vis Rome (the Capitol)

Putting family into official positions

Bishops presiding over more than one diocese

Bishop not present because, you know, he has other dioceses

Selling offices

Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)
Evil man. Proof that the Church must be divine or couldn't have survived this SOB

Technically, “northern humanism.” Back to the sources! Back to early Christianity. Emphasis on faith and simplicity. Hated Church corruption. Erasmus; St. Thomas More.

Thomas a'Kempis (1380-1471)
Author of The Imitation of Christ. A classic. A must read if you're seeking to bridge spiritual dialogue with a Protestant. Fueled by Nominalism, but that's not where its greatness rests.

Popular piety
Incredible rise in years leading up to the Reformation. This is a shocking change in historical narrative/perspective over just the past 30 years.

Sola fides
Faith alone: Ignore James (“Epistle of straw”)

Sola gratia
Grace alone: Do you really believe there is no free will? Put down that crack pipe and be honest.

Sola scriptura
Bible alone: Nowhere does the Bible say this

Great name. Lenders.

Bishop Albert Albrecht
Bought a diocese, borrowed money from Fuggers to pay for it

Johan Tetzel
SOB abuser of indulgences. Helping Albrecht not get his knees broken.

Holy Roman Empire
Not holy, not Roman, not an empire. Basically, Germany and some surrounding areas.

Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor. Devout Catholic, his penchant for mistresses notwithstanding

Reformation for $1000, Alex. “Holy Water Fonts”
Where did some early zealous reformers take craps?