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Nock sighting:

On Albert Jay Nock and the Russian Roots of a Gentleman Anarchist (essay by Glenn Davis)
— ImaginativeConservat (@imaginativecons) October 14, 2017

It's mostly about Nock's relationship to Russian literature, but it has some basic overview information as well.

Mr. Nock was significant because he made the essential point that united a nebulous assortment of thinkers: You must “ransack the past for your values, establish a coherent worldview, depend neither on society nor on government insofar as circumstances permitted, keep your tastes simple and inexpensive, and do what you have to do to remain true to yourself.” This deep spirit of independence led Mr. Nock to conclude in his memoirs that the talents of the mind of the individualist were of little value in America and therefore he had become socially and politically superfluous.