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Kinky Pink Ingredients

If necessity is the mother of invention, apathy is the mother of reckless creation. So it was that I approached my first drink last night with an airplane bottle of Kinky Green liqueur that I bought on a whim while at the liquor store earlier this week. All the appealing recipes online called for lemonade, which I didn't have, so I poured the Kinky Green (1.5 oz.) with an equal amount of Blue Curacao over ice, then poured an equal amount of Sprite (3 oz.) over the top.

It was very good. A solid 6.5.

That's on taste alone. When you combine it with the ease of mixing, it's an "8."

I also think it has real potential. Perhaps add some grenadine. Maybe citrus vodka and a little lime juice? I'm definitely going to play with it and see what I come up with.