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And the Petulance Prize Goes To . . . | Charlotte Allen | First Things
— The Daily Eudemon (@TheDailyEudemon) September 29, 2017

If this part is true, I'm afraid Fr. Martin has conclusively lost it:

A tweet firefight of some sort evidently followed between Fr. Martin and Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P., vice president and academic dean at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington and a regular on EWTN. On September 2, a conservative Catholic website,, tweeted: “And then this Dominican showed up and started beating @JamesMartinSJ like a rented mule. The crowd went wild.”
CatholicVote deleted the tweet–but not before Fr. Martin, again suggesting that the good-humored spiritual autobiographer was long gone, tweeted this to both CatholicVote and Petri: “Enough. I've reported you to Twitter. When you start talking about beating me, even in a supposedly joking way, you cross the line. Enough.”

I'm not sure I could even say the words, "I've reported you to Twitter" and look myself in the mirror again. Part of me actually feels bad for the guy. Geesh.