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Brews You Can Use

This . . . heat . . . is . . . unbearable. I know the Puerto Ricans are suffering, but man, this humidity is stultifying. I went to the produce site last night to work on my beds for just an hour, after sunset (from 7:00 to 8:00). In just an hour of light work, my shirt was saturated like someone had sprayed me with a hose.

I got the video from my lecture. It didn't come out well. I'm highly disappointed, obviously, but there are worst fates in life. At this point, don't expect to see it, unless my judgment softens. I think the hype from the lecture (it was enthusiastically received) is better than what the video captured.

I'll drink away my disappointment tonight. I think I'm going to make Tom Collinses. It's been awhile since I made them and I've had a hankering for a couple of weeks.