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I planted my last bed for 2017 last night. I really enjoy "working the land," but it felt good to know I was done planting for 2017. At this point, I'll let the sprinklers and Max take over most of the work, while I settle in to concentrate on my Catholic history lectures and other indoor projects. * * * * * * * Well, yeah: I'll keep working outside, too. I'll scatter a few more radish seeds, I'll plant four smaller beds in my backyard to over-winter spinach in low tunnels, I'll move weeding tarps around, form out more beds for 2018, etc. But almost all timing-sensitive projects are done for the year. * * * * * * * I've long thought vegans are nuts (so to speak). But I started easing into a vegan diet about a month ago, gradually decreasing meat and animal byproducts in my diet. I suddenly noticed two days ago that the knee pain I had simply grown accustomed to many years ago was gone. I also noticed that I seem to require less sleep and have more energy. To be honest, I was "going vegan" to lower my cholesterol. I hadn't for a moment considered that I might get immediate benefits. I'll keep y'all posted as I progress (or regress) in this freak-show diet. * * * * * * * I forgot to share this great line from two weeks ago: "'Black, white, rich, poor: Storm Harvey didn't discriminate,' read the headline, because the important thing to remember is that even though people were drowning by the dozens and disease was spreading rapidly and tens of thousands were losing everything they've ever owned, at least we could all clasp hands and celebrate the fact that Harvey–who may or may not be a white male–had no problem with indiscriminately killing human beings of all colors and ethnic backgrounds." Jim Goad.