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Brews You Can Use

Not much today. I went to Cedar Point yesterday . . . with all seven kids! It was the first all-kid outing in, I think, two years.

Max and I are already kicking around ideas for next year at MAXimum Greens. We've decided that we are going to launch a good website and hopefully take orders through it. Max is taking the lead on that project. We think we're going to offer memberships: $100 membership paid up front gets you $125 (or $150 . . . we're working on details) worth of produce during 2018. And I'm toying with the idea of trying to capitalize on the cocktail fad by marketing crops used in cocktails. This latter is just a whim at this point, but I'm going to dive back into The Drunken Botanist to see if the idea might have legs. If nothing else, it'll give me a reason to read that fun book.

My first Theology on Tap session is September 20th. Email me for details. The first lecture: "A History of the Catholic Church in 30 Minutes." I've greatly enjoyed diving back headlong into my history studies. It's been years. I had forgotten how thrilling I've always found history. Two history professors at Michigan took me aside and suggested I should pursue a doctorate in history, noting that I seemed to have a special knack for it. In retrospect, I wish I had taken their advice. I think it is my natural academic calling, but at this point, I'll have to be content with making it my amateurish pursuit.