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Finally, my subscription to Modern Drunkard Magazine started. Marie got it for me for my birthday in March 2016, but I never received an issue. I kinda forgot about it, kinda figured maybe, for some unfathomable reason, they didn't put out a regular product, and kinda feared they had gone out of the business, but I then I saw that they now have their own magazine vending machine so I followed up with them. The first issue arrived yesterday.

I've scarcely scraped its contents, but I've already snickered a few times: "You know you're a drunkard when . . . You quit drinking for good, and will now only drink for evil."

"Human society without booze is akin to an engine without oil; it'll run for a while but eventually friction causes temperatures to rise until it seizes up or explodes."

Mostly essays, but some fiction: "I swung the heavy base of the Johnnie Walker lamp at the head of the onrushing zombie . . ."

It pretty much has it all. Even travel pieces: "Dead Sober at 40,000 feet and Other Terrifying Tales." And dating advice: "A man who buys two cases of beer instead of one is either concerned about his future or a generous guy. Either way, ladies, he's a catch."