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The Deathferall Government

Christopher Manion has written a cogent article about the runaway federal government and the Schiavo case. LINK. The thrust of his article: the issue of death and dying has traditionally been a local affair, normally right down to the smallest unit of our culture: the family. It would have been better if the Schiavo matter had been left there, but the left has nationalized everything, including medical care, and now all cases like Schiavo have become national issues. Because the cost of keeping everyone alive with food and water is enormous ($7.7 trillion, according to him), it'll never be accepted and soon everyone, regardless of conviction, will be forced to die.

It's a good article. Don't be concerned with what may appear to be a pro-death argument. It's not. The Schiavo case is merely a launching pad for a different point.

Here are three excerpts:

"Yes, leftist critics have had a field day mocking the 'breach of principle' of those trying to use the federal courts to save Terri Schiavo's life. But that is tantamount to breaking someone's leg with a baseball bat, and then mocking him because he's a cripple. The left's very reason for being ”“ and it is bipartisan ”“ is to federalize everything, including health care, compassion, and even humanity itself. But now, when the 'wrong people' lay claim to the new government powers, the Leviathan responds by demanding that 'religious' opinions be kept out of politics. Whether it's fair or not, that attitude has dire consequences."

"[S]ince health care has become nationalized, the question of life and death will be nationalized too. And, since 'strict separation of church and state' requires that all ethical principles be hounded from the public square, there will be only one standard left: money."

"Conclusion? Government-ordered euthanasia is coming, sooner than we think. All that talk about 'living wills' is just camouflage. In our lifetimes, we will see the government proclaim that all 'living wills' must be read in only one way: no support for the sustenance of "meaningless" life, the 'meaning' to be determined by politically-appointed 'independent experts,' not family members."