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Brews You Can Use

Neat blog post by a Cleveland-area priest: Coffee, Front Porches, and Church Whispers. It's not about drinking, but it's about the need for parishes to create community and places to meet ("front porches"). For long-time readers of TDE, you know such a call is, for me, code for a need to create more opportunities for social drinking.

The priest appears to agree with me. The best passage from the post (and the reason I'm linking to it):

Yesterday we had an example of this which is very popular in many places: we had Theology on Tap, Akron, an event and place for persons (primary in their 20s and 30s) to come and socialize and hear a great Catholic talk (thank you Mr. Brownfield!) I've heard some criticism about meeting in a bar but please remember that my parish, in the 40's, ran its own bar with the preaching from the pulpit, “Remember, if you are going to drink, drink at your parish!”