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School Out

Of course, school isn't out in Michigan public schools yet. I believe the public schools are continuing their push for year-round schooling by gradually shrinking the summer vacation schedule.

The reason? The breakdown of the urban family has resulted in home conditions that cause kids' learning to atrophy greatly during the summer. So all other areas of the state must cripple their summer to help them. Fortunately, we have a large agricultural sector that resists the change, for economic reasons.

I resist the change, for kid reasons: summer is great if you're a kid. Don't ruin it because it doesn't fit your ideological perspective (to wit, that the government should be responsible for raising your kids).

I've always taught my kids: Summer is the time of year when you can make great strides. You have oodles of free time. Pick a discipline to pursue, pick a sport, pick something/anything. I can't say my advice has been adhered to, but it has helped a little bit here and there.