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Brews You Can Use

My youngest son told me earlier this week that beer commercials aren't allowed to show people drinking. I thought about it and thought, "Heck, he might be right. I don't ever recall seeing someone take a wig on an advertisement. Fricking neo-prohibitionist Fascists."

But it's apparently not that simple. According to this article, it's more of a self-regulatory thing between the beer companies and the networks. So, I can put the libertarian hair on the back of my neck down.

Or can I? The private entities self-regulate themselves because they fear that they could trigger regulation if they don't: "the brewers have no desire to stir things up and risk stirring a cry for a new law."

So, they're afraid of showing a man taking a drink of beer, but they don't hesitate to show scantily-clad women prancing around on a beach. The perverseness never ceases to astound me. We encourage teenagers to have sex, but tell them they can't have a beer until they're 21. It's so upside-down, I can only shake my head.