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Marie joined me after work yesterday at the production site. She is an exercise fanatic and hadn't gotten any exercise that day, so she felt like hauling compost, hoeing, raking, picking rocks, etc. We got there at 5:45, and I said, "Crud, it's gorgeous out here and I've had a terrible week at the office. I wish we had brought some liquid refreshments."

I then quickly remembered the site is adjacent to one of my town's three liquor stores, so we worked for thirty minutes, then she went over and bought some of those canned cocktails. We continued to work while getting our relaxation mode started.

Marie isn't sure she liked drinking while working, but I mightily enjoyed it, especially since I could finally see the site begin to take shape: crops are coming in, one 70-foot row is planted with a netted hoop tunnel, another row is planted, two rows are ready for planting, two rows have been started. Security camera is in place. There are now (probably) more visible rocks along the outside of the plot than there are in the plot. I've started to spread organic matter (grass cuttings, bush cuttings, whatever) to the area that I plan to start forming later this year.

As of last weekend, people were still asking what I was doing out there. As of last night, it's obvious.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but little-by-little, it's getting there. With more fuel from my liquor store neighbor, I am now officially cautiously optimistic this will get done. Just a few days ago, I was still skeptical whether it would come together.