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Tom Collins Glasses

According to this writer, ESPN is doomed: "[T]he main ESPN business plan, the one that brings in the most revenues to the firm, is doomed to near-extinction, and there is nothing ESPN can do about it." Link.

Well, "doomed" is a little strong. The business model is doomed, he says, and it will foist large changes on ESPN and the sports world in general, but that doesn't mean ESPN is going to die.

But they're going to get crippled . . . and with it, the monstrous amounts of money thrown at ESPN and athletics in general.

It's a good thing, of course. ESPN and the NCAA have used their sports dominance to shovel a hard-left agenda on our heads. According to this same article, a large number of people are tired of it and trying to get away from ESPN, just as I have for years, resulting in the "double whammy": changing market conditions and visceral disgust by viewers.

I gotta believe these same viewers are, like me, tired of the NCAA's political stances, not to mention the (albeit milder) leftist agendas of the NFL and NBA (I haven't noticed much politicizing in the MLB or NHL, though I'm certainly not an expert).

Hope springs eternal. Let's hope the politically-hijacked sports world is, indeed, doomed.