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Man, it's everything I can do not to drink myself into a coma. Everything is intense: from work to garden to work again.

I finally knocked off work last night at 7:30, gardened for an hour, then watched the 2006 Showtime hit, Dexter, with Marie and Michael. It's a good show.

It was made better by trying Bud Light's Mixx Tail cocktails. Long-time TDE readers know I loathe anything and everything about Bud Light, from its pro-gay agenda to its taste. Back when I drank beer, I equated Bud Light with people who rock out to Bon Jovi, chicks in the eighties who liked Camaros, and homosexuals.

But that Mixx Tail stuff wasn't half bad.

I first had the Hurricane. I liked it. I'm sure it sucks next to what you find in New Orleans, but for a drink Marie found on clearance six months ago? It was pretty good.

I then tried the Firewalker: a red hot cinnamon apple cocktail. I was hoping it would taste like Hot Tamales candy with vodka, but no such luck. That being said, it was really decent. Spicy, a bit hot, tasted good . . . imparted a decent buzz. Good enough for me to have two.

I give Mixx Tail a "5," as far as mixed drinks go. I'd far rather have a cocktail I make myself. But for pre-fab cocktails? I give it a solid "7." If you find it on sale and like to have a quick drink on hand, stock up.