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I was absolutely swamped at the office last week, so when Trump fired Comey, I didn't have time to read anything about it at first. Instead, I simply caught blurbs here and there. I was thinking, "Boy, it really looks like Trump did it this time. This looks terrible. Everyone thinks he did it to cover up the Russian thing."

And then that evening, I clicked on the Rush Limbaugh analysis and saw he was laughing at "everyone" (as I perceived it from reading the mainstream media):

This has gone beyond mere political posturing. These people on the left – led by the media and the Democrat Party and the political apparatus – I'm telling you, are sick. I have never seen”¦ I wasn't thinking about it last night. I'm 66 years old. I have been following politics honestly since I was 10. I'm not kidding. I have seen unhinged behavior. I have seen the wild allegations that Democrats make and repeated. I have never seen this degree of collective insanity. I have never seen this degree of so many people literally being out of touch, devoid reality, and unhinged. . . .
They really believe Trump fired Comey because he might have been getting close, under the asinine belief that firing Comey's gonna stop the investigation? How many investigations are there? The House has one. The Senate has one. The FBI's got their own. Do you know who's running the FBI today? McCabe, a Democrat! His wife ran for the Senate or ran for governor of Virginia. He's very close to The Punk, Terry McAuliffe. The guy is a hardened Democrat. He's now running the FBI. He's in charge of the investigation to get Trump.

And then the next day, McCabe testified that there has been no effort by the White House to impede the FBI investigation.

I don't always agree with Rush, but he's deadly accurate here: the Left is simply unhinged. They're all lunatics, starting with the MSM and on down the line.