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Brews You Can Use

The family starts to return today: Marie and the two little kids late this afternoon, Meg tonight, Michael Saturday night, and even the eldest daughter, nurse Abbie, on Sunday. On top of that, I kept my shoulder to the stone all week, just so I could have a relaxing weekend with them. The occasion, obviously, calls for a few drinks. But just a few, I fear. We are, after all, on the eve of Holy Week. Moderation should always be the hallmark of drinking, but at this juncture, extra caution is warranted.

I'll probably drink a few Kinky Pinks, if for no other reason than to show Marie my newest concoction.

Not much in drinking news out there. A loyal TDE reader sends this along: 'Beer slug' thought extinct reappears in Hamburg after 80 years. It was found in Hamburg's infamous red light district, a fact I found particularly disagreeable.