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**Snow today. Horrible, terrible, bitter snow. The bane of my greens? We'll see . . . and we'll see if my low tunnels withstand the 45 mph gusts we're supposed to get. Good grief. It's enough to drive a farmer to drink. So there's a bright side to everything.

**I planted Salanova lettuce last night (indoors, for transplanting later). It's a type of lettuce that is supposed to give you far more pound for the space, which is what I need, given my limited gardening room right now. I have high hopes, but man, it's expensive: $20 for 100 seeds.

**I finished watching Mel Gibson's Payback (1999) last night. It was decent. a good movie for a temporary bachelor to watch while eating dinner.


New study shows eating THIS type of food can actually prevent weight gain:
— Organic Life (@OrganicLifeMag) April 6, 2017