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The University Bookman: The Art of Flannery O'Connor in honor of her birthday
— University Bookman (@ubookman) March 25, 2017

By Michael Jordan. I know Professor Jordan. I met him at a Touchstone conference, then subsequently met halfway between Hillsdale University and my house for lunch. We haven't kept in touch, but he's a heckuva nice guy.

Although, when my son's girlfriend was a freshman there about five years ago, I told her, "Look up Michael Jordan. We're tight." When she saw me a few months later she said, "By the way, thanks a lot. You made me look like an idiot. I met Professor Jordan and mentioned I knew you. He had no idea who you were. I reminded him and he said, 'Oh, really, he remembers that? That was years ago."

Oh well. I don't hold a grudge over such a small slight. The mini-essay is worth reading. Excerpt:

She wrote remarkably well-crafted stories with depth upon depth of meaning (some claim that she's America's best twentieth-century writer of short stories), and her prophetic fiction challenges the liberal, gnostic, nihilistic, and secular assumptions of the modern world.


I suspect this book is pretty good, if you got the correct change laying around: