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Interesting new book: Collection of photos by Hitler's personal bodyguard. The bodyguard, who just died in 2013, apparently held Hitler in high regard and said he was a nice guy.

In light of what everyone knows now about how the elites have lied repeatedly to the public through the media, it makes you wonder about Hitler and what we've always been told. NOW DON'T FREAK OUT! I will still continue to use Hitler as my favorite rebuttal to people who say I can't criticize something I've never tried: "Well, I never met Hitler, but I know he was an ass." (My second favorite rebuttal uses sodomy as an example, which distances me from Voltaire, who tried it once but refused it a second time, saying, "Once a philosopher, twice a sodomite".)

I remember being disturbed a few years ago to learn that "holocaust deniers" don't really deny that the holocaust occurred. For years I, absorbing the general aura cast from the media, thought these people were flat-earth types, denying everything that reason and history tell us. I subsequently found out that holocaust "deniers" are rather people who question the number killed (some say as low as 600,000 instead of 6 million); assert that, regardless of the number, there were huge numbers of non-Jews in the slaughter (like Poles); and that gas chambers weren't used as much as starvation.

In other words, many (most?) deniers don't deny that the Nazis were evil men who unleashed evil on the Jews. They merely question how much evil and how many Jews. That is nothing I would have learned from watching the evening news or reading The New York Times. And that bothers me . . . a lot. It especially bothers me because we're told these questions can't even be asked or discussed. If you raise the questions, you're branded a "denier" and no one can associate with you in public.

How bad is it? It's this bad: I feel compelled to write in this post that I think the number was 6 million and gas chambers were used. My grandfather was a first-generation German who steadfastly denied during the War that the Germans were killing Jews (he thought it was war-time propaganda), but then his cousin returned from Europe and said, "Ed, I personally saw the bodies stacked up like cord wood. It happened." My grandfather was crushed, but he longer denied. My father was an amateur historian who always assured me Hitler killed 6 million Jews. He saw no reason to doubt it.

Anyway, it bothers me that questions about the holocaust can't even be discussed. And now this book comes out with a story that indicates Hitler may have actually been partly human. On top of that, we learned a few years ago that there's evidence that Hitler was nice to Jesse Owens at the Olympics, which went against everything we were told while growing up. So just what exactly is the full, accurate story?