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Museum of the Amer Cocktail

I just learned about this: The Museum of the American Cocktail. I've long wanted to get to New Orleans. This Museum just increased the chances I'll make the trip.

Of course, even something as cool as a museum about drinking can't escape the PC police: "The Museum of the American Cocktail seeks to advance the profession and increase consumer knowledge of mixology while stressing the importance of responsible drinking."

Gosh, make me vomit. I mean, you don't need to promote excess, but such grasps at cheap grace are lame. You've put together a (presumably) cool museum that appeals to adults. Leave it at that: "antique bottles, books, openers and all other aspects of imbibing ephemera to rotating exhibits like the current 'New Orleans Prohibition Raids, 1919”“1933.'" (Description from

That's great stuff. You don't need to caveat it with a sideways apology ("Sorry for having a museum that celebrates alcohol, but we also promote responsible drinking").

I wouldn't even care if someone started a Museum of American Excess: Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, and the Art of Drunken Writing; the Peculiar Institution and Promotion of Excess; Rock-n-Roll and its Sine Qua Non; Reefer Madness; Nevada. It would have a room dedicated to Kerouac, or maybe the Beats in general. It could have an entire wing devoted to New York City: a walk-through replica of NYC's Bowery circa 1965, a Five Points History, High Times at Studio 54 1977-1979, Heroin and Harlem, the Cotton Club. The museum could hire Thaddeus Russell as its curator or special adviser.

Just a thought, but regardless, it would not, under any circumstances, have any lame disclaimers.