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Wow, what weather. My apologies for not posting any BYCU yesterday. I had a small crisis at the office that hit me first thing in the morning. I kept running through noon, then broke early to plant spinach, harvest spinach, prune blackberry canes, and put up another low tunnel (giving me four in all).

I then crashed. Every year, the first few times I work outside for an extended period, I get exhausted. They say, "It's all the fresh air." I guess so, but I don't know why fresh air for the first time after winter exhausts me. It just does.

Big potential news: It looks like I have acquired a half acre of scrub/woods that I hope to clear next month. It's part of a larger parcel that I'm acquiring for other reasons. As long as environmental and building inspections go alright, the urban farm should take a big step forward.

I never totally understood what happened in the Mike Flynn matter. As always, Pat Buchanan has laid it out simply, in a way that anyone can understand . . . and in a way that should make everyone shudder.

Another "hate crime" that wasn't. The person who sent me the story writes, "This was a huge deal in local news when it happened, everyone rallied around" the Arab family that was targeted by apparent white supremacists. It turns out, a wouldbe paramour of the daughter did it because he was mad at her.

Criminy, the Left has so politicized everything, you can't even spurn a boy without him killing two birds with one stone in retaliation: strike at the uppity girl AND make whites feel guilty. I preferred the days when the boy just toilet papered girl's house and wrote her name on bathroom stalls.