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So did my appeal to President Trump to roll out a program for our peaceful Mexican immigrants have the opposite effect? Reports of Raids Have Immigrants Bracing for Enforcement Surge. I must say, I started to get a bit concerned when I started to read stories about an enforcement surge, but if you read the entire story, you see evidence that there is no such surge:

“The rash of recent reports about purported ICE checkpoints and random sweeps are false, dangerous and irresponsible,” ICE said in a statement Friday. “These reports create panic and put communities and law enforcement personnel in unnecessary danger.”

We are facing the Trident of Fraud: The mainstream media (claiming a surge in enforcement), the State (saying there has been no such thing, except perhaps increased efforts to deport actual criminals), and individual reports of arrests on social media (which is about as reliable as a 1974 Ford Pinto in a Winnipeg winter).

We simply can't trust any of them.

So which of those prongs of fraud do I rely on?

I simply don't know, but in light of the mainstream media's flat-out fraud over the past decade or so, I trust nothing with a political angle from those sources, especially when every surge story I've read "top loads" the surge information at the top and puts countervailing information toward the bottom, realizing the average person won't read the entire article.

I also don't trust social media, for obvious reasons. Although I think Wikipedia is far more reliable than people realize, the random Tweet and Facebook post isn't a collaborative effort like Wikipedia. They have no checks and balances. People can say anything.

So that leaves us with the government, which, as readers know, I don't trust at all, but for now, am believing. I don't believe there is any sort of push against peaceful immigrants. Call me the naive German circa 1933, but Trump has been true to his campaign so far, and he clearly stated that he would not be attempting to deport 11 million Mexicans so until I see something more reliable than The New York Times, I don't believe it.