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Great piece by Jeffrey Tucker: What Happens When Trump Takes Over the Vatican? But the title is misleading. It's really an article about HBO's new series, The Young Pope, a series that I assumed would be highly disrespectful but apparently isn't:

It is funny in places, deeply touching in others, sometimes terrifying, often thoughtful, and, despite first appearances, it is deeply respectful of faith (this is not some send up of Catholicism). It takes a while to emerge, but the series does, in fact, have a pious heart.

I doubt I'll watch it, but if I subscribed to HBO, I'd be tempted:

The scene that had me roaring with laughter was the Pope's first address to the Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel. He becomes the first Pope to wear the full Papal Tiara in the 50 years following Paul VI's giving it up as a symbolic homage to the poor. Having snatched back the Tiara, the new Pope arrives carried in the Papal chair and wearing the most elaborate liturgical gear I've ever seen (or imagined). It is so preposterous that every Cardinal in the room is left with gaping mouths.

(Aside: I'll light a candle for first person who can draw the connection between this post's picture and the post.)