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Jason Scott Jones has written one of the better pieces of the young year: On Immigration, Winning Cheap Grace.

The great theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote scathingly of “cheap grace,” which is the warm fuzzy feeling we give ourselves, and the praise we win from others, by making little virtue-signals that cost us almost nothing – and might well impose suffering on innocent third parties. Jesus Himself denounced it when He saw it among the Pharisees, but Christians are not immune.

He then goes on to apply it to the likes of Fr. James Martin who tout open borders, regardless of the effect it would have on other people.

"Cheap grace." Great phrase. I've long recognized the desire for cheap grace among people who like to accuse other people of racism, a tendency I see far more pronounced in people racked with vice, almost like they need to find some sort of grace, any grace, pseudo-grace, to make themselves feel better.