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Welcome to Super Sunday. I have to admit: I'm not much of a fan. Oh sure, I'll watch it, at least the first half, but I simply don't care much about the game itself. It's more of a cultural event for me . . . and one that I begrudge.

Primarily, I really don't like the NFL. It's smug and arrogant, and it holds the average NFL fan in contempt. Lady Gaga half-time show? What the heck? It's almost like Goodell and Co. sit at HQ and laugh, "Let's put Lady Gaga out there! Can you imagine all those POS beer-drinking morons on their couches having to watch her!!! Ha! And while wearing their NFL-Store jerseys that they paid $100 for! Ha ha!"

I also think the game simply starts a little too late. I want to get a late start on Monday morning about as much as I want to be hungover on Monday morning. Granted, 6:30 isn't ridiculous (like the ridiculously late start of the NCAA championship game), but still a little late for my tastes.

I'm also footballed-out at this point. I normally burn out in late December. Come February, it's almost like my whole frame of reference has to be jolted into remembering that it's still football season.

All that being said, I do enjoy it for the most part, and I'm rooting for the Patriots, which I've never done before. I'm rooting for them for a handful of reasons:

*The whole Deflategate thing bothered me. It smacked of a witch hunt, almost like the NFL knew back then that Brady would endorse Trump and wanted to smear him as much as possible.

*Brady (and Belichick) endorsed Trump. No small thing, especially in Massachusetts. On the other hand, Matt Ryan supported Barack Obama.

*Brady has since said he's not going to talk politics any more. All celebrities ought to be so smart.

And what will I do if the Patriots lose? I'll just shrug. Overall, I simply don't care.