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I don't ask TDE readers for many favors. Over the course of fifteen years, I think I've asked you to help me on two occasions (excepting, of course, my continuous Amazon kickback campaign).

But I'm asking for your help now: Please email the White House, asking President Trump to give assurances to the peaceful, law-abiding illegal (yes, oxymoron noted . . . and explained below) immigrants in our country. President Trump stated on the campaign trail that they are "terrific people" and something would be "worked out." I think it's time he give assurances in this regard. Not only is it right to give these people some peace of mind, but I think it'd also be a great counterpoise to the Wall and refugee orders he issued last week (and it'd confuse the hell out of the leftists).

You can write to him here. You, obviously, can say whatever you want, but here's a letter you can paste/adapt/whatever:

President Trump:
I applaud your efforts this past week, but at this time, can you give assurances to the peaceful and law-abiding undocumented persons in our country? During your campaign, you properly pointed out that they're terrific people and something would have to be worked out. I think it's time you give them assurances. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it might serve as a good balance to the immigration steps you've taken this past week.