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Finally! Other people, even those who identify themselves as "mainstream," are beginning to excoriate ESPN for its relentless and radical leftwing politics:

It's like ESPN has a death wish. At some point in the past two years, commencing with the Caitlyn Jenner ESPY, a network that once existed just for sports became yet another arm of liberal left wing propaganda.
And it's not just me saying it either.
I'm actually speaking out on behalf of a substantial group of ESPN employees that are terrified to publicly say anything about the network's left wing cheerleading. You would be stunned by the number of people who vote Republican at ESPN, many of whom you regularly see on air, and are terrified to even mention that fact for fear of career consequences. They contact me all the time and secretly thank me for speaking out on their behalf. And the wildest thing about this is I'm just a middle of the road guy, I just pass for right wing because sports media has become so far left wing. There's lots of talk about the political media being left wing, but the sports media is WAY more left wing relative to its audience than the political media is.
Is that a healthy environment for our democracy? When millions of people, including some of the most talented people in our industry, live in fear of saying what they actually think about political issues for fear of losing their jobs? The left wing doesn't understand it, but they are the reason Donald Trump got elected. It wasn't racist Trump supporters -- election data shows that in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the three Big Ten states that Donald Trump flipped this year to win the election, Trump actually flipped Obama voters to his side -- it was middle of the road people, voters who supported Obama but switched to Trump, fed up with the left wing's intolerance of ideas or thoughts or Tweets or Facebook posts that aren't also left wing. That's what won the election for Trump.
In an amazing about face, the left wing has become intolerant of the first amendment. Amazingly, ESPN, which used to be many people's respite from politics, has fallen victim to this same liberal echo chamber as well. Only one opinion is allowed or you're racist, sexist, insert the -ist of your choice.