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More Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. Trastevere

Alright, the worst part of January is over. The days are getting noticeably longer. We have a long way to go, but hang in there.

Ceiling. Trastevere

I'm upbeat enough that I bought 6-mil polyfilm to drape over my coldframes. Supposedly, a double layer of film greatly enhances the ability of greens to grow in winter. I tried to cover my coldframes last weekend, but the big rocks around my garden were frozen solid to the ground, so I had nothing to weigh down the polyfilm's edges. If it's not pouring rain, I hope to do it this evening.

Ceiling. Trastevere

Gregory of Nyssa feast day today. He's one of my favorite saints, although I've largely neglected him lately. I read parts of his Life of Moses, but most my familiarity with him comes from Jean Danielou's excellent Introduction to From Glory to Glory: Texts from Gregory of Nyssa's Mystical Writings. Here are my thoughts about Nyssa, which appeared many years ago.

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