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Rodrigo Revisited?

Note: The following post turned out to be false (see explanation above)

With the Holy Father failing, one Cardinal has apparently made it known that he's the man for the job:

"'When the Sacred College of Cardinals names me pope, I'm gonna shake things up,' [Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez] Maradiaga said. 'And I'm not just talking about giving the Pope mobile a new coat of paint. I'm talking about big moves that will reconfirm the Catholic Church's position as the supreme, full and immediate power in the secretarian world, may God grant us peace.'” LINK

If the white smoke flies for Maradiaga, might we hear shouts of “I am Pope! I am Pope!” the words of Rodrigo Borgia upon winning the papal election in the fifteenth century (Rodrigo took the name, “Alexander VI”)? We hate to knock Maradiaga since we don't know much about him, but a handful of his quotes strike us as audacious and unbecoming of a man who purports to carry a job of humility.

If anyone knows more about him that would assauge our concerns, we'd like to hear it and, because he's a Cardinal and owed respect, we will run it (crackpot comments aside).