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Brews You Can Use

Since switching to hard liquor, hangovers aren't much of a problem for me. Sometimes the juniper in gin gets me, and once in awhile, rum throws a wicked hook. But mostly, I'm fairly hangover-free.

But there was a time . . . whoa, there was a time. The five-alarmer was nothing unusual, even if I hadn't drank that much the night before, so I've always taken an interest in hangover cures.

Last week, in preparation for New Years Eve, I ran across two hangover cure lists: (1) Ten Unbelievable Hangover Cures from Around the Globe; (2) Surviving a Hangover.

The first article is presented in one of those annoying slide shows, and the cures are so exotic, the article is hardly useful.

But the second article has all sorts of solid advice, most of it easy, some of it common sense (like drinking lots of water while you're drinking).

Bananas. Bananas are a good source of potassium, something you might be low on after a night of drinking.
Ginger: Ginger root is a time-honored natural remedy for nausea and vomiting, and many people feel seasick when they have a hangover. Ginger Ale is the easiest way to ingest some, but a ginger tea may be even better.
Honey and Lemon: Ingredients of a hot toddy (hold the alcohol), mixing some honey and lemon will boost your blood sugar.