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All things must be sacrificed on the altar of the Moloch god of High School Athletics, including sleep and sanity during a hectic time of year, so energy, patience, and everything else is in short supply this morning.

Fortunately, Taki recently posted this great piece: "How the Left Strangled Itself With Identity Politics." Excerpt:

Maybe if you hadn't encouraged your lunatic fanatics to insist that white people should kill themselves, that white males are a cancer and must die, that whites should commit mass suicide over slavery, that whites should be exterminated, and that they are racist no matter what–maybe, just maybe they'd think you weren't stuffed to the gills with bullshit when you lecture them about “hate.”
Their myopic obsession with anti-white identity politics created a new white identity politics from scratch. They preached identity for everyone except whites–and they apparently are so dim, they expected that to work out well. This is not the old, aggressive, continent-conquering “white racism” of yore–this is a new, defensive white identity created by the endless scapegoating and minority-obsessed myopia of the leftist elites. This is a monster that the left created, one that will eat it whole.