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What's the Standard in Bath Houses?

We doubt many in our reading crowd need it, but Slate's “Dear Prudence” column has provided guidance on homosexual public display of affection. We like the underlying assumption that such displays are fine overall. More normalizing:

“Prudie's opinion about the ongoing head-butting is that anybody's PDA (hetero and gay) should be within the bounds of restraint. Handholding in public is fine, necking is not. (For everyone.) A spontaneous expression of love–a brief one–is fine if it's not for effect and there would be no consequences ”¦ for example, if you're in an environment known to be homophobic, you would be asking for trouble. If you know someone who might be discomfited by seeing two girls display physicality, skip it. As the erudite Roger Rosenblatt has written, 'If you find yourself making accommodations, that does not make you a hotel.' In this case, it just makes you thoughtful.” LINK