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Brews You Can Use

Whew. Whatta week. Basketball games Monday and Tuesday, charity event Wednesday, office party Thursday, basketball game tonight. I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can just unwind. I doubt there's much drinking in the cards.

I made a big batch of Holiday Toms for the office party last night. I made them last year and, despite my warnings that it's powerful stuff, nearly a half-dozen people could barely move the next day. The participants were more leery this year and took it easier.

I wasn't sure what to BYCU blog about this morning, so I went to my old standby: Modern Drunkard Magazine. It didn't let me down. You can click here and read about how to find that perfect gift for a wino:

Try not get hung up on tradition. It is neither necessary to wrap gifts for winos, nor is it reasonable to expect them to wait until Christmas to open it. Winos live in the here and now. If an item is of use to them, they'll want to drink it immediately.