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Congratulations, Penn State! Big Ten Champs!

And still the ugliest institution in America, a school that, out of common decency, should have disbanded its football program after the Sandusky scandal . . . the cover-up, the facilitation, the student riots when they thought their precious football program might suffer.

Heck, I'm a little bit ashamed that I graduated from a school in the Big Ten.

But at least I'm not the only person bothered by Pedophile State University getting back on top, so to speak. And he writes from Sports Illustrated, which I would've thought kinda defended pedophilia, especially when it's homosexually-driven like Sandusky's:

For reasons too familiar to elaborate here, Penn State and its football team have spent the last five years under a deep, dark cloud of its own manufacture. Jerry Sandusky was a sexual predator and, as institutions, Penn State and Penn State football enabled him in his crimes. That is the verdict of history and it is not disputable, despite the best efforts of one of America's most fervent fan bases to induce historical amnesia and declare itself, with consummate hubris, the real victim in the situation. . . . So, nothing here about “healing.” Until all the victims heal, I don't care if the institution does. There will be nothing here about “overcoming adversity” or “getting beyond the tragedy.” Until the victims do either one, I don't care if the institution does.


That was first article I clicked on this morning. I wondered, "Are other sports writers blasting away at Ped State?" Unfortunately, no, but the USA Today writer this morning has a biting sense of humor, a highly active subconscious, or absolutely zero ability to detect irony:

Sure, some of Penn State's wins have been of the cover-your-eyes-and-hide-the-children variety, but they have found ways to get it done . . .
With an eye on overtime, Wisconsin marched to the Penn State 24 and needed 1 yard for a first down. One measly yard. That's child's play for the Badgers . . .
And given that their "consolation prize" would be the Rose Bowl, Penn State really can't lose. Butt the playoff system can.

I'm choosing "A," biting sense of humor . . . and I like it.